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Exercise from Home!

There are many ways to follow along with exercise classes from home. Check out the information below:


ZOOM classes hosted by GCS occur Monday-Friday

Cookie: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 am

Tai Chi with David Kaplan: Monday and Friday at 10:00 am

Exercise with Helen: Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15 am

(Helen has more classes listed below)

Click the link below or follow the instructions at the bottom to join the classes.

The meeting ID for all the classes is 996-397-1120

All the classes now use the same link.

 Password:  seniors 

Helen Clark Ziangas JC Zoom

Meeting ID 964 497 6025   

Password:  jc seniors

Go to:


Monday 10:30 am seated weights and balance

Monday 2:00 pm aerobic dance and a quick routine for toning and abs 

Tuesday 12:30 pm Aerobics/Balance: mix of seated weights, balance, and aerobics

Tuesday 6:00 pm  Aerobics/Weights/Floor: higher intensity class

Wednesday 10:30 am Aerobics dance and a quick routine for toning and abs

Wednesday 12:30 pm Aerobics/Seated Weights: this is the Pershing Field class. A mix of seated weights, balance, and aerobics.

Thursday 10:00 am Grace Seniors Aerobics with Weights - use this link:

Thursday 12:30 pm Seated weights/Balance/Aerobics

Thursday 6:00 pm Aerobics/Weights/Floor: this is a higher intensity class.

Carol Lester Yoga on Facebook Live

1) Click this link

2) Scroll down until you see me live!!

(There will be a little red flag in the corner that says "Live")

3) Click on the live video

4) Type your name into the comment section and any comments you like

5) Watch and listen and join in

6) Feel free to type in requests to help knees, neck, back, etc.


Mondays 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm

Tuesdays 9:15 am and 12:00 pm

Wednesdays 10:15 am and 12:00 pm

Thursdays 11:45 am

Check out all the free exercise videos at the

YMCA of greater New York:

 Jersey City is airing two fitness videos on FIOS 37 and COMCAST 96.  They air at 8 am, noon and 9:30 pm.

Each class airs back to back, three times per day.

Helen is on second, at 1:00 pm. 

Zoom Instructions:

Go to on the Web

Click on JOIN A MEETING (top of page in blue print)

Type in the meeting ID: 996 397 1120

Click on JOIN  (The first time you will have to sign up for a Zoom account. It’s free. If you are hesitant to join with your current email, you could create a new email just for this. Joyce created a new account with Yahoo.)

Click on Open Zoom

PASSWORD: seniors

You can connect to Zoom with any phone:

1.  Call 1 646 558 8656  (NYC)

2.  Put in meeting ID:  996 397 1120

 (You will be asked to put in your participant ID or hit #)

3.  HIT POUND (#)

4.  Call in password is 466240

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