Unlike the bus, Via will pick you up within a couple blocks of your door, but you may need to share the ride. You can call for a ride at



or order a ride on the app.


If you have a Smart Phone to get the app:

On Apple go to the app store.

On Android go to Google Play and search for “Via go mobile”.

Rides cost $2 if going downtown. Other trips are $2 + 50 cents per mile.


Transportation with TRANSCEND

Call 201-369-4330

for registered seniors and handicapped

You can order home delivery of the Jersey Journal for 10 weeks by calling 201-653-1000.  It is $24.85 with all fees added in.

If you have a computer, tablet or other device but do not have internet access, you can register for a device called a Hotspot that will give you internet service.  Call Kim at 201-547-4777.  If you have a JC Library card, please have that available.

Meals on Wheels: Call Diana at 201-547-4927.

Memorial Page for Delores Lopez and Vali Ghesani is HERE

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