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During the current crisis GCS is providing sack lunches for pick up on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00-8:00 am.

We are in desperate need of the following donations:

Brown Paper Bags

Ziploc Bags

Loaves of Bread

Lunch Meat


Juice boxes

Applesauce cups

Snack Packs

Plastic Cutlery

Small Bags of Chips

Granola bars

Pop tarts

Please contact GCS at

for information about donating.

The Senior Center is closed until further notice.

For a list of ways to help potentially isolated

seniors in your community, click here.

Every weekday, year round, seniors come together at GSCHL for food, fellowship and fun as they share meals and participate in activities that nurture a healthy mind and body including line dancing, yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, creative writing, quilting, arts & crafts, health and wellness workshops and more. Senior citizens have created an extended family at GSCHL and know when a member is facing particularly difficult challenges, setting off a chain of communication, support and help. Come join our community!

To our community,

Food pantries, feeding programs and homeless shelters in Jersey City are few and unfortunately unable to meet the needs of all of our city’s hungry. Kyle D., a frequent guest at GCS’ Breakfast Plus program explains:


"The breakfast program helps people like me-- people who

don’t have enough, people who are on welfare, people who are homeless, people who can’t make ends meet. It supplements what we have and what we can do. There are many people who don’t have enough food to eat, and this program helps us -- helps our community.".

Every Saturday and Sunday of GCS volunteers serve a hot, delicious and nutritious breakfast with a generous portion of respect to our guests from all over Jersey City. Everyone who comes hungry to Breakfast Plus, leaves fed in body and spirit. Come share a meal with us!

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